Long Lasting Viral Protection

Why You Need Long Lasting Viral Protection at Your Home

During these trying times, everyone is following the safety measures put in place to avoid contracting the Coronavirus. Homeowners are implementing the best methods to protect the family members in and out of the house. You can hire Whowtec for frequent and any day disinfection and cleaning to kill all bacteria and viruses. You can also clean some of the most frequent dirty places that include:

  • Kitchen Sink


There is a very high likelihood of food particles falling in the kitchen sink when using the dishwasher. It is also very likely that in most homes, the owners disinfect the toilet bowls more than the kitchen sink. Rinsing the sink with plain water is not enough to get rid of bacteria and hence creates a breeding ground.

  • TV Remote


Sometimes you drop it on the floor, stuff it in between pillows and cushions, and even cough or sneeze. Almost all the remotes in homes with several people are hosting cold viruses. You can get rid of them by using a bleach or alcohol wipe.

  • Computer Keyboard


Your computer is possibly a health hazard if you do the following without washing your hands:

    1. Eat at your computer

    2. Sneeze

    3. Sit down to watch a movie, play a game, surf the internet, etc.


The best way to avoid this hazard is to clean your hands before using your computer and gently clean the keyboard and mouse with bleach or alcohol wipes. You can also vacuum or shake out for any fallen food crumbs.

There are other personal belongings such as toothbrushes and bathtubs that also need frequent cleaning and disinfection or result in a breeding ground for germs. You should seek the services of a sanitation and disinfection company like Whowtec for more efficient and long-lasting ways of viral protection such as the latest nanotechnology for 99.99% success.