High Touch Point Cleaning

Why Intensive Touch Point Cleaning is Important in the Workplace

Areas that receive high traffic and contact are referred to as touchpoints. Some obvious examples are doorknobs, switches, computer keyboards, and many other objects. Every thirty minutes, you touch roughly about three hundred surfaces. It is therefore vital to ensure that all touchpoints at home, school, or office are clean and disinfected at all times.

Cleaning touchpoints in the workplace is important especially with the recent outbreak of the Coronavirus. The following are the impacts of clean touchpoints in the working environment:

  • Absenteeism


This is an unscheduled absence of an employee due to illnesses or unforeseen emergencies. It results in a decrease in productivity and low customer satisfaction. It is impossible to bring absenteeism to a halt in any organization. Instead, you can ensure all touchpoints in the environment are cleaned and disinfected regularly. Whowtech offers this and other cleaning services for all-sized businesses around Florida. We are available seven days a week even for emergencies.

  • Presenteeism


It refers to when employees are present in the workplace but they are less functional and less productive due to an injury, illness, or other condition. Some acute health conditions and chronic health conditions are as a result of dirty and contaminated touchpoints. Keeping them clean reduces the chances of employees getting sick during work or requesting for sick leaves. An employee in a clean, disinfected environment is likely to be more vibrant hence increases productivity by meeting project milestones and offering class customer services.

Whowtech offers different types of workplace cleaning methods such as touchpoint and high-touch cleaning. Every employer needs to ensure that the employees are in an environment that promotes success and productivity. You can get into a long-term contract with us to get the services of a frequent facility cleaner.