Industrial Cleaning Company

Risk Management in an Industrial Cleaning Company

The cleaning business is full of hazards that need to be identified, evaluated, and managed to ensure the safety of all workers when going about cleaning and other tasks. Any situation with the potential to cause harm or illness and danger to a property is referred to as a hazard. The common hazards in the cleaning industry include chemicals, biological, heat stress, equipment, and others.

  • Risk Assessment


When a hazard is identified, an evaluation is required to determine the level of risk it poses to employees. Employers should also ensure that every chemical bought and used by a company has a Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS). This document shows you how to:


    1. Store and transport a chemical

    2. Handle and dispose of chemicals

    3. Cleaning spills

    4. Apply first aid in an emergency

    5. Contact the manufacturer


It also contains the Hierarchy of Controls that helps you come up with an appropriate strategy to minimize the identified risk.

  • Hazard and Incident Reporting


There are some unforeseen hazards that employees may find out about as they do their daily tasks. Such a case should be documented and reported instantly to the management before an incident occurs. In case of an incident, a detailed report with names, location, date, and cause for the accident should be used so that necessary changes can be made to avoid similar accidents.

  • Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)


All cleaning employees from healthcare cleaning providers, janitors, and even regular cleaners have a responsibility to protect themselves by wearing the right protective equipment. Failure to do so should have consequences since hospital bills of illnesses related to the workplace are catered for by the company. An employer should also ensure that workers receive enough training and enough PPE.

Whowtech takes all the necessary measures to protect employees from harm. We provide plenty of protective equipment and adequate training on how to handle some hazardous substances in our line of work.