High Temperature Pressure Washing

Differences Between Low Temperature and High Temperature Pressure Washing Machine

The choice between these two solely lies in the usage. It is the same as when buying a car where speed lovers will go for a sports car, for comfort and family one will buy an SUV or station wagon. All high-pressure washers have two machines in each model with the same pressure, flow rate, and capability for interior and exterior cleaning – a cold temperature pressure washer and a high-temperature pressure washer.

What is a Cold Temperature Pressure Washer?

It uses water pressure through the means of piston pumps. The effectiveness of cleaning mainly depends on engine power. It is suitable for cleaning off dirt and grime from surfaces. There is more efficiency when you mix the water with detergent. Coldwater is preferred on some surfaces like wood and plastics that might be affected by high temperatures.

What is a High-Temperature Pressure Washer?

It is a machine capable of degreasing effectively in a very short time. It includes a coil that heats the water as it is pumped by the pistons making it come out of the nozzle in a very high temperature effective for interior and exterior cleaning of buildings and machines. It is especially very capable of removing old grease and oil from mechanical, metallic, and engine surfaces even without adding detergents and other cleaning chemicals.

Benefits of Using a Pressure Washer

Both cold and hot temperature pressure washers make our work easy when cleaning our surroundings. The following are the advantages we enjoy at Whowtech when cleaning up your place with a pressure washer:

  • Easy Storage


Pressure washers are not huge machines that need to occupy plenty of space. Cold temperature pressure washers are particularly much smaller and can only occupy a small space of your garage. When storing a pressure washer for long, it is best to remove the components of the machine which is good for durability.

  • Cost-effective


These machines are now easily available on many e-commerce websites. Due to an increase in production, their prices are highly competitive. It is easy to get a pressure washer at a discount on an online store. A hot temperature pressure washer saves the user from possible injuries of cleaning metallic surfaces which can end up at medical expenses.

  • Saves Time


When you consider the work a pressure washer does, you realize that some of the work is very difficult for human hands. It takes a lot of time trying to scrub off dirt from a surface such as pavement with a broom whereas a cold temperature pressure washer can do it in a few minutes.

At Whowtech, we sometimes get calls for emergency building cleaning. Our team is equipped with enough pressure washers and experience for the fast delivery of services.