Elevator Cleaning Services

Why You Need Elevator Cleaning Services

Elevators in most buildings are always busy throughout the day. There are hundreds and even thousands of people who access one elevator in a single day. It is public and an open risk for spreading diseases and viruses like the Coronavirus which can be spread through contaminated surfaces. It is therefore vital to have a cleaning and disinfection company as a partner for frequent services.

How to Clean an Elevator

An elevator, especially a residential one or in an office building requires regular cleaning and disinfection. However, if you are not an expert with prior experience in cleaning an elevator, you will need to hire a commercial disinfection company. You can also clean it yourself by following the steps below:

  • Controls, Handles, and Railings


Elevator users mainly touch handles, controls, and railings consistently. If not cleaned for long, they become dirty and sticky very quickly. These parts need wiping frequently using a chemical disinfectant.

  • Glass and Surfaces


The majority of elevators are made using steel, plastic, glass, and other different surfaces. They need frequent cleaning to avoid dirt build-up and generally keep the environment clean and appealing. Glass can be wiped with a gentle cloth and a glass cleaner while metallic surfaces demand the use of a disinfectant.

  • Floors


The floor tracks a lot of dirt due to the many shoes and maybe wheelchairs accessing the elevator. They can bring dirt particles and debris which can pile up pretty quickly. If the floor is bare, it requires a floor cleaner that works best for that specific floor. If there is a carpet, make a habit of vacuuming it frequently.

  • Sills and Tracks


Debris, dust, and spills can easily collect in between the elevator doors tracks in every landing on your building. The best way to clean and remove particles in between these gaps is through the use of a vacuum cleaner and then a non-abrasive cleaner for the steel.

  • Elevator Pit


Cleaning the elevator pit is almost impossible without the presence of a certified elevator technician. Trash, dust, and a lot of dirt can accumulate in the pit under the elevator cab. It gets in through the cracks found between the elevator doors. The pit does not need as much cleaning as other surfaces that are frequently touched.

  • Doors and Walls


Most doors and walls in elevators are made out of stainless steel. These are some of the surfaces where the Coronavirus survives the longest. You need to clean them using disinfectants that do not leave a strong smell behind. Users of the elevator may find a stuffy elevator uncomfortable.

The current situation in the world demands that even after cleaning an elevator and removing the dirt, it is vital to sterilize and disinfect all the surfaces people frequently come into contact with. You can hire a company like Whowtech that offers these many other disinfection services.