Best Sanitation Company In Florida

What is the Role of Public Sanitation Companies in Florida

In areas where a large number of people come together, there is a high risk of the spread of diseases such as cholera, hepatitis, and other diseases. This is especially if they eat from the same source. The majority of such places are mainly public examples like a bus stop, public toilets, schools, workplaces, parks, and many more. Florida has several public sanitation companies for cleaning and disinfecting such places regularly.

Rules for Sanitation in Public Places


A public place is a simple way to contract a disease from another person unknowingly. Public places need to follow the following rules to ensure the safety of the people accessing that surrounding:

  1. The toilet facilities available should always be able to suffice for the maximum number of people using that area. The most preferred ratio is one toilet compartment for twenty users, arranged in separate blocks for men and women.

  2. The kitchen should not in any way be connected to the toilets to reduce the odor and the number of flies entering the kitchen.

  3. There should be a clean and reliable water supply near the toilets for handwashing accompanied by soap. The water supply needs to be tested frequently to avoid any contaminations.

  4. All refuse and waste material should be disposed of regularly to avoid build-up that easily attracts flies and vermin.


Advantages of Public Access Sanitation

At the moment, the entire world is observing good hygiene and sanitation as a means to combat the spread of Coronavirus. It is not just individually but also in public since the virus can also be spread through contaminated surfaces. Sanitation of places the public has access to also reduces the risk of diarrhea in the following ways:

  1. Minimizing the spread of intestinal worms and trachoma which causes suffering for millions.

  2. Reducing the impact of malnutrition especially in kids.


Sanitation practices mainly target the health department. Other benefits result in an individual being in a healthy condition include:

  1. Promoting gender equality

  2. Increases school attendance. Parents are motivated to take their children in public schools with adequate water flow, clean and well-built classes, and a good number of toilets.

  3. It contributes to poverty eradication with fewer cases of ill health.

  4. Builds community pride and social cohesion. A clean community is proud of their environment and speaks boldly about it amongst people from elsewhere.


Public sanitation companies in Florida aim at delivering a healthy environment to its residents by disinfecting and cleaning public access areas when tasked to do so. There are lots of public places like schools and workplaces that need a frequency of their services. Whowtech is among the best companies in Florida specializing in antiviral sanitization cleaning and disinfection cleaning services.